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Mina-san's Recipes

Mina-san is Minako Sekiya, a plaster craftswoman invaluable to Obusedo. Not only does she excel at plastering, but cooking as well. To the right is her husband Nobu-chan, Nobuo Sekiya. He is Masuichi and Obusedo's super head craftsman!
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Tri-color dumplings
Pickled plums

Sakabone 4kg, eggplant, carrot, celery, squash or other seasonal vegetables as appropriate

1. Prepare salt water, by dissolving salt in hot water and allowing it to cool.
2. Place vegetables in salt water and let sit overnight. Absorption is enhanced by placing a heavy weight on top.
3. Remove the vegetables and lay them on top of newspaper.
(Do not wash)
4. Wipe vegetables thoroughly to remove water.
5. Mix 4kg Sakabone with 1kg sugar and add the vegetables.
If you let them pickle for a year they will take on an amber color but this time pickle for just three days. The result will be lightly seasoned yet tasty.