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Tri-color dumplings
Pickled plums

Plums, 16kg
Shiso plant, 5 bundles
Salt, 500g

1. Rinse plums in water and let soak overnight, removing the bad ones.
2. Remove the shiso leaves from their stems.
3. Rinse the shiso leaves and then thoroughly squeeze the water out of them.
4. Knead 100g salt with the shiso leaves. Defects will emerge with the water, so repeat this step once.
5. Remove plums from the water they had been sitting in overnight.
6. Knead the remaining salt in with the plums, taking care not to damage them.
7. Place ingredients into a barrel, alternating layers of plums and shiso.
8. Spread a tarp or plastic sheet on top of the barrel and place a weight on top of this.
9. If after several days of being under the weight in the barrel water has risen up then it is ok.

Leave in a cool place and they should be ready to eat in half a year.
If the remaining water does not rise up, mold will start growing. In this case, add vinegar (1.4 - 1.8L).