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Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery 807 Obuse, Nagano 381-0294 TEL: 026-247-2011 FAX: 026-247-6369
E-MAIL: info@masuichi.com


This is the Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery store. It is equipped with a counter called a "teppa." In the local dialect "teppa" means directly buying and drinking measured out sake. Upstairs are rooms where the brewers sleep during the brewing season and one corner of the store contains the "yori-tsuki," a break room and meeting room for the brewers, traditional scenery for breweries.   In an era before izakaya pubs and intimate "snack" bars, the sake shop served as a gathering place for the common people as they recovered from their day's labor at the "teppa." From early to mid Showa (1920s-40s) sake was so precious that a day's wages could not even buy one masu of sake, the square wooden cup it was served in. A day's wages nowadays could buy a whole kegful. Masuichi brought back the teppa as a place where people could enjoy trying a bit of Masuichi sake.   The Club (kurabu) got its name because it was built in an old section (bu) of the brewery (kura), and serves the traditional "yori-tsuki" style cooking that the brewers enjoy. The "yori-tsuki" was a place where the brewers could quickly gather for breaks or meals between shifts. Every day rice is washed and steamed in an old-fashioned wood-burning oven. The seasonal foods cooked over wood and charcoal can be enjoyed with sake straight from the brewery.
Hours: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
TEL: 026-247-2011
  Hours: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
TEL: 026-247-2011