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Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery 807 Obuse, Nagano 381-0294 TEL: 026-247-2011 FAX: 026-247-6369
Rice / "Miyama Nishiki," the sake rice highly-rated across the country
Polishing rate / Over 60%
Density / +6
Alcohol / 15.0%
Storage / Keep in a dark place at 18℃ or below and serve within 3 months.
How to drink / Leave in a cool place and serve chilled.
The "hana" of Hanashibori means "first." This is the first sake of the year. It is very fresh but has the unpolished taste of sake yet to mature. Enjoy this young sake, a flavor of the season.
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Please look forward to next year's batch.