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Ceramic Bottles Square One
Square One is named for an English way of reading ","
the symbol of the Masuichi brewery.
Now after a 2 year absence, Square One is also being sold in a
1,800ml ceramic bottle.
Rice / "Miyama Nishiki," the sake rice highly-rated across the country
Polishing Rate / 59%
Density / +5
Alcohol / 16.5%
Storage / Keep in a dark place at 18℃ or below and serve within 3 months.
How to drink / Can be served at room temperature, chilled, or lightly heated.

Ceramic Bottled Square One (1,800ml), 6,480 Yen
  Normally the 375ml and 750ml sizes are sold in
ceramic bottles and the 1,800ml size in a standard
glass bottle. To purchase these, please go to the
Shopping - Square One page.
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